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DESIGN HOUSE - What do we do?


Creating a team of young entrepreneurs with ideas for product design, Lleda has started an adventure ensuring the best of British design, manufacturing and sales is realised.​

The Lleda Design House utilises talents from colleges and academia, and helps them create their ideas and make them real.

From idea creation, to design, sourcing materials, manufacturers and point of sales, Lleda is the place to be to make your ideas come to life.

Our design house is always on the look out for talent and ideas to turn into real products and services, making real returns on the sales and product innovation costs.

New products are reviewed regularly. Those that stand up to scrutiny are pushed to our design studio, where our team of experts look to build that idea into a finished article. Choosing materials, the cost of manufacture, distribution and retention is hard work, but our design studio team ensure the product is fit and ready to go - making successful enthusiastic entrepreneurs out of you.

Have an idea? Contact us, and let's talk.

Clothing, technology, design, environment and finance. We cover a wide range of fields. Let's chat!

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